"Advertisers must work hard to communicate their message to their target customers. Reaching beyond traditional advertising is the key to growth and success. Media Mechanics work closely with the media to create promotional tie-ins that make sense for the brand."

We can blow the horn and help maximize a campaign with the use of guerrilla advertising, event marketing, street team, point-of-purchase, and mobile and social networks.


Another form of creative marketing we use involves social networks, such as FACEBOOK and Twitter. Using social networks, such as these, to promote a product or brand is a great way to spread the word fast across the internet and create a BUZZ!


"Integrating your brand with a company bigger or more well-known can help launch yours into global awareness. Sponsoring an event or venue will generate a heightened visibility for the brand."

For example, supporting the community or local sports team can rev up the level of credibility, thereby increasing chances of shaping positive consumer attitudes. For advertisers, sponsorships offer the opportunity to surround consumers with a brand and enhance brand image.

Affiliating your company with the sponsorship will lead the consumer to feel more positive about the brand. In many instances, sponsorships can elevate our clients to the next level of brand integration. Media Garage Group has relationships with Live Nation®, NFL®, NBA®, NHL®, MLB® as well as others and has experience with ‘venue naming rights’.


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